Saran is an innkeeper in the town Forgetyourworries. She appears in the episode The Green Hell.

Helping EmberEdit

Ember meets Saran when she's fleeing for Toriander-with-the-Quick-Death. Saran tells her to come with her, as enemies of Toriander are friends of her. 
 She helps Ember to hide for Toriander by disguising her. As Ember wonders why Saran has a disliking for Toriander, she shows Ember that her left arm is missing. When Toriander had just found the "Quick Death" (a ray gun), he had come to Saran's inn. While in a drunken state, he was fooling around with the gun and threatening people, until suddenly a ray appeared from the gun which struck Saran. But Toriander was only interested in the gun and couldn't care less about what happened to Saran. But despite this accident and Saran's hate towards him, Toriander remained a regular customer of the inn. 

Saran (left) disguised Ember to hide her from Toriander.

Saran's deathEdit

But while Saran was disguising Ember and telling her story, one of the waitresses was eavesdropping. After Saran sent her away, the girl went to Toriander to tell everything. Toriander furiously stormed to Saran's room and he quickly saw through Ember's disguise. Ember cried out for help, unknowing that her lost friend Storm was downstairs. Storm immediately ran to the room, but when he opened the door, he saw that Toriander had already killed Saran. For this, Storm gave Toriander a fierce beating.

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