The harbour and village on the Seventh Rib of Pandarve.

The Ribs of Pandarve is an archipelago on the planet Pandarve. The name refers to the fact that the planet Pandarve is a living creature. In the episode "The Hounds of Marduk", Storm, Ember and Nomad spend a few days on the Seventh Rib. It's however not mentioned how many Ribs exist.

The People of the Ribs of PandarveEdit


A fisherman from the Seventh Rib picking up Storm, Ember and Nomad

People from the Ribs are the most religious people of Pandarve. The Shaman is the most important citizen. Theoretically this would mean they are on Marduk's side, but surprisingly they don't recognise Storm as the Anomaly. Characteristic for people of the Ribs is that every part of their skin that is not covered by clothes or hair must be covered with tattoos. Nudity is a crime. People who visit the Ribs must be tattooed as well, although for them a paint is used that will wear off after a while. The only known reason why a person can stay on the Ribs without being tattooed is when somebody's life is in danger. Saving a life is a holy duty for the people of the Ribs. An example of this is when Ember needed to be cured with Pandarve's Breath. While Storm and Nomad were taken to the tattoomaster , Ember was cured and could get her tattoos later (which never happened as she was abducted a few moments before she woke up).

People of the Ribs live in huts which sort of look like igloos made of stone instead of ice. The people primarily live from fishing. As the sea surrounding the Ribs is also close to the place where the Gullet emerges into sea, lots of fish can be found here.

Pandarve's BreathEdit


Pandarve's Breath can be found near the hut of the Shaman

The sea being so close to the Gullet makes it also a dangerous place: The waste products of the earthworm give the waters an intoxicating effect. But on the Ribs a white vapour comes out of the ground with healing powers, which is called Pandarve's Breath. People who need to be cured are fastened to a crane inside a totem pole and their legs are lowered into the pit from which Pandarve's Breath comes out.

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