Krilll 1

Chronicles of the Deep World

base of operation

Land of the Krills


Kiley Deceased

former Members


Deceased: Felor, Pearl, Elgara, Dorte, Embers Father, Freeda, Jamaia, Vitka


Former: Rhagus

Group Information



Hunting, Gathering


Wiped Out

First appearance

Ember: The Legend of Krill


Before STORM: The Deep World


The Krill are a tribe of hunters and gathers that live in a hostile jungle Land of the KrillsBeyond the Veil in The Deep World.

The Krill where first sighted in the days that the city kingdom of Rhagus fell by the hands of The Conqueror. There leader at the time Kiley and his men defended there lands from the trespassing mercenaries of The Conqueror led by Vloda. The mercenaries where butchered and only one escaped to tell the tale.

When the battle was over Kiley adopted the price the mercenaries where after, Pearl a baby girl and sole survivor of the Rhagus royal line. And Ember the baby daughter of his Brother whom fell in battle. As his own children.

Prisoners of RhagusEdit

This act proved disastrous for the Krill nineteen years later. When they came under the attack of the soldiers of Gordar the Warlord led by Captain Manan. The Krill tried to muster a counterattack but to no avail. The soldiers slaughtered men, children and elderly women undiscriminating until one of the Krill woman Ember proved to be a bigger tread then they expected, and Manan had to stop his soldiers from killing her and Kiley as he recognized him as a wanted criminal.

It was at that time the krill discovered these soldiers came for there young women, Manan ordered his soldiers to kill every one that wasn't abble walk and inprisoned the remaining 20 Krill they could find. As they where escorted to Rhagus the Krill wondered if they where not better death.

In Rhagus the men and women where separated. And the women where brought to the Warlord and his Vizier. They hoped to find the decended of the King of Rhagus among them who was prophesied to kill Rhagus current ruler. They where left at the mercy of a Giant Octospider after a few casualties Kilys daughter killed the monster and was reconised as the princess.

With Ember recognized as the king heir, the rest of the Krill where expendable and the remaining members where gathered together to be executed. Ember returned in time to stop them but not before the Vizier killed Embers sister Pearl. A mistake the Vizier payed for with his live.

With the rulers of Rhagus killed the remaining Krill where free to go but left Pearls corpse to be buried in the city of her birth.




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