The Gullet is the name given to gigantic earthworms which live underground on the planet Pandarve. The name is a reference to the planet being a living creature, although the earthworms are not necessarily the planet's gullet (esophagus). One of the earthworms plays a role in the first half of the episode The Hounds of Marduk.

Function of the GulletEdit

Because of its huge size, the Gullet barely moves. Therefore it is used as a sewer by the inhabitants of nearby cities. The people get rid of their garbage and the worms get their food. To take care of the health of the Gullet a Sewer-doctor is appointed. In case of constipation, the Sewer-doctor can wash away the indigestible garbage by opening the nearby sluice and let the water do the rest.

The Gullet itself drops its waste-products into the sea. This however gives the waters a drugging effect, making it dangerous for people to swim there. But as the sewer also attracts lots of fish, the sea is still popular among fishermen, especially the people from the Ribs of Pandarve. And when accidents do happen, they can still rely on their Shaman and Pandarve's Breath to cure the unfortunate person who has fallen to the drugging effect of the waters.

The Gullet in the "Storm" seriesEdit


While fleeing for the Rebellion, Nomad suggest to his friends to hide in the sewer. After taking a few corridors at random but not finding another way to get out, Ember suddenly notices the walls have changed and look like flesh. Nomad realises they have walked into the Gullet and urges his friends to turn back quickly. But they are already too late, the mouth of the Earthworm has closed. Cutting a way out with their swords doesn't help either, it's like cutting through foam rubber with a blunt sword, and it makes the worm create more acid.

In the meantime the Rebels, who have discovered the Anomaly and his friends have fled into the sewer, visit the Sewer-doctor. When he tells them about washing away indigestible garbage, they open the sluice as wide as possible. Such a huge flood will get the Anomaly out of the Gullet, but the flood is too heavy for the Gullet. The water bursts out of the ground in many places, and it is even possible for the Gullet to die, destroying the city with its death cramps. Still, the flood does drag Storm and his friends out of the Gullet and into the sea.


The cover of The Hounds of Marduk shows Storm, Ember and Nomad inside the Gullet. However, Ember is wearing the clothes she only gets after being dragged out of the Gullet, when she has to be cured with Pandarve's Breath.