Ghast 1

The Chronicles of the Deep World

Place of origin

The Deep World of former Florida (Earth)





Skin color


Hair Color


Eye Color

Left Eye: Brown Fake Right Eye: Yellow

Professional Status

. None


Barbarian Warlord

Base of Operations

Ghast City

Personal Status

Presumed to be Death

First appearance

STORM: The Deep World


STORM: The Deep World

Image Gallery


Ghast 2

Art by Don Lawrence

Ghast is the Warlord of a city below the sea-level of future Florida, better known as the Deep World.

One doesn't know that the city  he ruled was thou to conquest or inheritances. But his battle process and his inhuman strength allowed him to uphold power.

But the Warlord couldn't be satisfied just ruling the city and it's surrounding grounds. His gaze fell on the lands beyond the Veil, countries that as he thought lay beyond the mile long walls that bordered his country. Power hungry Ghast started to hunt down people that didn't belong in his land, this caused him the enmity of Kiley and his men who tried to usurper Ghast's rule. After many setbacks and victories his men finally captured one of Kiley's people the young red haired woman beyond the Veil named Ember.

Things changed when Ghast's men discovered Storm an astronaut from the 21th century. Ghast however refused to believe the men, he concluded the Storm was trying to protect his true home that lay behind the wall. He ordered his men to throw Storm in the same cell of the young woman. Who where soon there after rescued by the rebel leader Kiley. When Ghast decide to chase the trio himself he managed to successfully quill the rebellion only to lose his own men by a cleverly sprung trap placed by his rival Kiley. The Barbarian had the last laugh however when he killed Kiley who covered the retreat of his two friends. With Kiley gone the only man that could match his strength, the wounded Warlord took the sword of his rival as a trophy and resumed to follow Storm and Embers trail.

When he caught up with them the Duo where aided by a Mandroid a holographic being, who guarded the underground the undersea powerplant. He immobilized the Warlord. And explained to Storm and Ember that the Powerplant had enough energy to rise the sea level to it´s original state. Power hungry Ghast vowed to take this power for his own and pushed the fatal button. As the sea level started to rise Ghast had sealed his people faith and the Mandroid would make sure the Warlord shared it with them.

When the Mandroid brought Storm and Ember to safety. Al the exhausted Ghast could do now was to keep his head above the water. Trying his best not to drown.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Inhuman Strength



  • Ghast has a scar on his right eye that has be replaced by a golden orb. It is never explained how he lost his original one.
  • Ghast and Kiley will make a appearance in the coming solo prequel adventure(s) of Ember. That will start in 2014 in the Dutch comic magazine Eppo

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