Gabriel is an angel who lives in one of the cocoons of the Intruder. He appears in all parts of the Von Neumann-trilogy although in The Armageddon-traveller, his name was changed to Michael.

Welcoming CommitteeEdit

When StormEmberNomad and Rak*El entered the Intruder, they saw a place that looked exactly like Heaven as described in the Bible. They were welcomed by Gabriel, who took them to the house of the Lord of the New People. While the cherubs took Ember away to help her change clothes, Storm had a chat with Gabriel, and noticed there was something odd. All these "New People" did nothing but sing and praise the Lord all the time. Gabriel explained that New People didn't need to eat, only animals eat. As it turned out, only animals multiplied themselves, so New People don't have genitals. So when the cherubs saw Ember's naked body, all hell broke lose. Gabriel called upon the Lord to sentence the "animals" who tried to intrude into the Kingdom of Heaven disguised as New People. The face of God appeared in the sky, telling Gabriel to throw them out into Gehenna's Depths (i.e., Hell). Using his flaming sword, Gabriel drove Storm and his friends forward to the tunnel leading to Hell. 

More visitorsEdit

Searching for the AnomalyMarduk also entered the Intruder. He immediately wreaked havoc in the Heaven-cocoon. Gabriel got shot, and he again called upon the Lord. Marduk was not impressed and ordered his soldiers to shoot at God, who dissolved into rain. Now Marduk took over as the new master of Heaven. 

From then on, Gabriel served Marduk loyally. His angel wings changed into batwings, and he followed his master into Neu-London, where his flaming sword caused many fires. Later, he also captured Beeatrice. However, his flaming sword was no match against the powers of Pandarve, not even in her miniature Alice form.


While this angel was called Gabriel in The Von Neumann-machine and The Genesis-equation, his name was changed to Michael in The Armageddon-traveller. In Christianity, Michael is indeed the angel who wields a flaming sword.