Fuggin is the leader of a pickpocket gang in Neu-London. He is an alternative version of the character Fagin, from Charles Dickens' book Oliver Twist, due to the bugs in the central computer of the Intruder. He appears in the episode The Genesis-equation.

Fuggin in the storyEdit

Fuggin meets Storm and his friends when his assistent, the Artful Dredger, brings them home with him. Fuggin is rather surprised, as his gang is made up of children, but Dredger explains his plan: Storm can replace Bill Sikes, Nomad can be a streetfighter, and Ember can be 'NO lady'. Fuggin likes the idea and starts with giving the naked Ember some 'decent clothes'. 
 Storm, unlike Ember, does know the connotations of the outfit and is not happy about it, despite Fuggin claiming that his intentions are honourable, and just a matter of making some honest money.

But while Ember is still being dressed, Fuggin receives news that Neu-London has been invaded by unknown hordes. Very soon, Marduk's guards knock on Fuggin's door. Fuggin's lair is however guarded by booby-traps. While Marduk's guards fall into the traps, Fuggin sends Storm and his friends with Dredger to Sherlock Holmes. It is unknown what happened to Fuggin afterwards.


In the scenario of The Genesis-equationMartin Lodewijk wrote to Don Lawrence to not go overboard with the Jewish caricature side of Fuggin. Indeed, Charles Dickens was accused of anti-semitism for his description of Fagin, who was much more often called "the Jew" than being called by his name.

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