Bristlehead is a nickname Nomad gives to a member of the Rebellion. Although at first she is called an agent, later on she's acting like the leader of the Rebellion.


We first see Bristlehead sneaking through the corridors of Marduk's castle searching for the other Rebels. As they had ended up as kitchen servants instead of acrobats hired for the entertainment of Marduk's fake wedding with Ember, Bristlehead had a hard time finding them. She tells the Rebels the Anomaly has been captured. But when she leaves, she is spotted by one of Marduk's guards. Ember interferes, causing the death of the guard. Ember quickly regrets saving Bristlehead's life, as she angrily states she would have been willing to give her life for the Revolution.

The Rebels are now forced to take action. But in the jail they only find Nomad, as Marduk has just sent his guards to bring Storm to him. The Rebels at first refuse to take Nomad with them, until he takes one of them as a hostage. Bristlehead's statement that they're always willing to die for the Revolution causes Ember to remark they should for once try to live for it. Bristlehead gives in and the Rebels take Nomad and Ember with them. They sneak into Marduk's laboratory through the air shafts.

Bristlehead's Death Edit


Bristlehead sacrificing herself.

After freeing Storm, Bristlehead flees with Storm, Ember and Nomad while the other Rebels fight with Marduk's guards. They enter the Labyrinth of Death and eventually encounter the monster. The monster has paralyzing powers, but is afraid of the light that Storm's body emits. Instead it focuses on Marduk's guards. Bristlehead is rather pessimistic about their chances to escape the monster.

They discover the old skins the monsters has shed, and Storm lets Bristlehead make a balloon out of it. Tying themselves to the balloon with the tentacles, Storm, Ember, Nomad, Visfil and Bristlehead try to fly out of the Labyrinth of Death, but then the monster approaches. It grabs Bristlehead, who cuts herself loose to be eaten by the monster, giving the others a chance to escape. Ember is in tears when she sees Bristlehead sacrificing herself to save them after she had saved Bristlehead, as she doesn't even know her real name.

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