The fisherman (left) helps the shaman to fasten Ember.

This fisherman, coming from the Seventh Rib of Pandarve, kindly picks up Nomad, and a little later Storm and Ember as well, when they have fallen into the sea after a flood carried them out of the Gullet. The fisherman recognises the condition of the unconscious Ember as the intoxicating effect that the waters close to the Gullet have. As it is his holy duty to save Ember's life, he decides to take her and her friends to his shaman. He helps the shaman to fasten Ember to the crane inside the totem pole, so she can be cured with Pandarve's Breath. Afterwards he takes Storm and Nomad to the Tattoo Master, so they can be tattooed.

Quotes Edit

"Hihihi! If they could only see the quality of the catch, you could walk ashore on the backs of fishermen who would come here to cast their nets. Hihihi!"

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